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Même / Si

Vidéo HD 16/9, 12 minutes

Two hands manipulate photographic cards, associate them in pairs, reject them before proposing new reconciliations. The videos present two temporalities and two different points of view of this same action; field and out-of-field. The iconographic material used is the result of an earlier photographic work done in Boulogne-sur-Mer in 2009 (Même si vous jouez tous les deux du tambour, répondez-moi et allez voir). This was already in itself a special practice since it made dialogue between images of different origins and status (direct photographs, snapshots, archival documents, reproductions of objects and works of art). My intention was then to draw a singular portrait of the port city, like its urban fragmentation and its history, but also to work in resonance with the film « Muriel » by Alain Resnais. With these two videos, I move away from my original work but keeps the idea of montage (cinematographic montage this time), with these images that we assemble, that we keep or that we discard (the falls). In these two videos, the photographer turned into a monter, an iconographer - magician, playing with his own images as if to renew his destiny