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Le Protagoniste

16/9, 9 min

This short film was shot in the theatrical light of Financial District San Francisco, the business district.  The film adopts the low and fixed point of view of an observer motionless in the midst of an anonymous crowd.  Restricted plans focus on the ground and the footsteps of passers-by who fit together: a ballet of legs that brush against each other, trousers that float in the wind, shadows that stretch and merge, wheels that break off the asphalt ... Shot and recorded in slow motion, the first part of the film plunges the viewer in a state of floating close to the apnea: the time is suspended there, the real put at a distance. The second part is a start, a rise to the surface, a return to a natural flow of time.  If the camera remains fixed, the eye has however recovered and reveals the context urban filmed in real time.  This final sequence focuses on the back of a motionless man and alone in the midst of the multitude ...  as if the camera that had originally confused with the look at this man, had suddenly made three steps back to reveal the situation.  The town of San Francisco is known for its tradition of welcoming and tolerating minorities.  An impressive number of homeless people find refuge there driven from the center of other large American metropolises. 

The subject of the film is probably this man's look at the side of the road.